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Being in the business of providing bots for popular online boutiques, I have heard it all, trust me!

Moms are always willing to share their opinions, whether positive or negative, and I love that about our community. In turn, I am always willing to hear anybody out.

But the ONE accusation that I hate more than anything is that “bots are for resellers.”


I’ve personally spoken to hundreds (if not thousands) of moms in the BST community, and not once have I ever heard a mom say that they want a bot in order to flip the dress. Overwhelmingly, our moms buy the dresses to have and to hold and NOT to flip.

Does it happen, YES. Is it the norm? NO.

In fact, you know what moms say? They want the bots to PROTECT THEMSELVES from the resellers who ARE. It is far cheaper to buy a bot than paying an extra $50-$100 PER ITEM.

So you can hate bots all you want, but please know that the users who buy bots are not doing it to make a buck off of you. They want to buy the clothing for their sons and daughters to protect themselves from those who simply cart to flip.

End of story.