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December 2017


Being in the business of providing bots for popular online boutiques, I have heard it all, trust me!

Moms are always willing to share their opinions, whether positive or negative, and I love that about our community. In turn, I am always willing to hear anybody out.

But the ONE accusation that I hate more than anything is that “bots are for resellers.”


I’ve personally spoken to hundreds (if not thousands) of moms in the BST community, and not once have I ever heard a mom say that they want a bot in order to flip the dress. Overwhelmingly, our moms buy the dresses to have and to hold and NOT to flip.

Does it happen, YES. Is it the norm? NO.

In fact, you know what moms say? They want the bots to PROTECT THEMSELVES from the resellers who ARE. It is far cheaper to buy a bot than paying an extra $50-$100 PER ITEM.

So you can hate bots all you want, but please know that the users who buy bots are not doing it to make a buck off of you. They want to buy the clothing for their sons and daughters to protect themselves from those who simply cart to flip.

End of story.

**NOTE: This article is meant to be tongue-in-cheek. We love ALL of our BST Moms, but if you don’t have a sense of humor, you should just close this window out now. 🙂

bst mom entrepreneur

1) The Entrepreneur – The entrepreneur has turned BST into a legit side business. She buys & sells so much boutique that she’s crossed the $20,000 income mark in Paypal and has to pay taxes on her earnings.

That’s ok. She keeps careful records of all of her transactions.

She knows the exact market value of every item in her daughter’s closet and who she bought them from. She keeps careful note of the names of people who she’s done business with in the past. She’s like Santa. She knows if your shipping’s been bad or good. And she knows who secretly has 2 dogs but marks their posts as pet free. She knows. She knows and only deals with the best.

perfect bst mom

2) The Perfect Mom – The Perfect Mom has 5 kids yet her hair is perfectly styled. All 5 kids are smiling politely at the camera. In fact, they are all holding hands and telling each other that they appreciate each other. Their teeth are shining, snow is softly falling even though its July.

bst bestie

3) The Ride or Die BST Bestie – The Ride or Die BST Bestie puts others before herself and always pays it forward. She purges in size order and doesn’t delete the price afterward. She updates her ISOs and tags you in yours. She even buys it for you–she knows you’re good for it and you’d do the same for her. Friends don’t let friends pass up on a hot deal on a unicorn.bst mom

4) The “How Did You Get in This Group?” Mom – The “how did you get in this group?” mom will post an item for sale saying it’s a “pet free” home, but you can clearly see a paw in the corner of the picture.

She posts “sold” and a few minutes later says “pass, found another one.” She sells clothing as NIB after letting her daughter wear for school pictures, with the tags.

She’s a late shipper and tells you she couldn’t ship because she’s having her wisdom teeth removed that day, and then her appendix ruptured, and then her house got broken into and somebody stole all of her poly mailers. Who let you in here again?

cry me a river

5) The Cry Baby – She can’t cart, she can’t remember a release time, hell, she can’t even remember the right URL [sad emoji, sad emoji, sad emoji]. Every day it’s a new sympathy post. Yet when people offer her steals under retail value she still won’t buy.

6) The Newbie – The newbie posts things like “I really like this piece, what’s the name of it?” and it’s a unicorn that sells for $1000+.

“I have 3 daughters, do you think I’ll be able to cart 3 of the same dress tonight for all of them?”

“Anybody wanna be my cart buddy for [insert super hot item] tonight?”

“Omg, did you see how much they paid for this dress. Hmmm, that one is kind of cute though. I’ll get one and see if I like it, but I’ll NEVER pay PSN.”

“Pass. Sitting this one out. Already spent my budget on the last one and this one isn’t ‘to die for.’” Then on release night she buys one of everything PSN. At this point she’s no longer a newbie and will transform into one of the other types of BST moms.