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SweetCarts Tutorial

IMPORTANT: Do not have the main SweetCarts 3.0 Bot AND the SweetHoney bot on and running at the same time. Choose one or the other. 

1) Download the bot from the Chrome store

CLICK HERE to download The SweetCarts Bot

CLICK HERE to download SweetCarts for RicRac

CLICK HERE to download SweetCarts for SweetHoney

CLICK HERE to download SweetCarts for Numi

2) Navigate to the website you will be carting from and login to your account.

Make sure that the boutique has your correct name and address on file and that all information matches what is in the bot.

3) Navigate to the page where the products will load (Shop All, New, Weekly Drop, etc)

4) Close all other tabs

5) Toggle the bot on. When it is on, the switch at the top will be blue. 

5) Fill out the bot

-All fields are required
-All the information must match your account exactly, including your email address
-All the information must also match the billing information on your credit card exactly
-Expiration date must be formatted as MM/YY
-The size is case sensitive and must be formatted the way that it is on the website.
-RicRac & Ruffles will always buy items without monograms

CLICK HERE to see all of the size charts.

6) Click the big green button at the bottom that says Save. 

7) Refresh the page where the products will load until they appear. 

8) Click the Add Cart button that appears on the product image. This will take you straight to checkout and will bypass the size selection page as well as the shopping cart.

This button only appears after you’ve turned on the bot & clicked Save. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like

After you click, the bot will take over and auto-complete the rest.

You may still cart by clicking on the photo, but clicking the photo is not as fast because the size selection page and shopping cart pages will not be bypassed.

9) Once you are finished using the bot, toggle it off by clicking the On/Off Switch and click Save

When it is off, the switch will be grey.

This is important to prevent accidental purchases.

To cart multiple items, leave the bot on and go back to the page where the products were loaded. 

It’s helpful to copy the link to your clipboard ahead of time so that you can paste it back into your browser as soon as the first transaction is complete. Then, click the Add Cart button on another product.

If you want to cart an item in a different size, you will need to adjust the size in the bot first. Make sure to click Save after making any changes.

**Please also be sure to opt out of the “checkout faster” Shopify function where Shopify sends you a text message. Our bot does not work with this feature. You can opt out at pay.shopify.com