About SweetCarts

Hi, I’m Rachel!

My husband & I launched SweetCarts in 2017 after our daughter was born. I got hooked on boutique clothes–hard–to the point where my three-month-old daughter had a better wardrobe than me!

The only problem was that my new hobby was quite expensive! I knew that there had to be a better way to cart these dresses without lining the pockets of flippers, so I created the SweetCarts Bot, a software program that gives you an edge over the thousands of other people vying for the same products.

We first launched for the Well Dressed Wolf family of brands, but today we are much more. We’ve grown to offer 4 separate bots that support 22 unique websites in 3 different niches.

I’m available to offer support, answer questions, or even just chat, so please don’t ever hesitate to reach out!

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